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© 2017 by Lowell Johnson

+44 7811 094 266





1988 - 1997 

-    Born in London

-    Lived Abroad (France)

     Lives and Works in London


My preliminary medium is oil on board and my work encapsulates a loose yet controlled style of painting. I use colour palettes ranging from broad to narrow and incorporate a high degree of surface texture. I paint cityscapes and often juxtapose figurative and semi figurative components, with the intention of creating stark contrasts between the real and imaginary


I depict elements ranging from buildings, machinery, maps and the man-made, which I intend to portray the relentless pace of city life. I make overt references to architecture, past, present and even fictional. I am fascinated by political themes of utopianism or demographic conflict; I often amalgamate images of social housing and modern cityscapes with biblical or occult symbolism with which to construct surreal landscapes.


I wish to portray a plethora of moods from nostalgic sentiments of the past as much as  a foreboding of the looming future. In one sense, I intend to portray my architectural scenery as a basic necessity of life. However, I also intend my work to suggest something of the coarse and chaotic nature of our world and how this often differs to our expectations and aspirations of the pristine and new.


I mostly paint in accordance with expressionist trends where literal meaning as much as an emotional undertone are represented at once.


I employ dense and encrusted layers of paint giving my work an organic and impulsive quality, which accentuates its visual content with an expressive undertone of raw emotion. I will often make use of the experimental use of acrylic, inks and incorporated objects and photographs. I further enhance the texture of the oil paint through the addition of materials like sand, with connotations of building materials in mind.


I often utilise printing and photographic processes and computer-generated graphics, which I use along with sketches to inform the outcome of my paintings’ colour scheme, composition and choice of surface materials.

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